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Our Ohio murder mystery weekends and one-night packages are a little bit of magic, a little bit of music, and a whole lot of fun! Our murder mysteries are set up for guests to dress in costume and play along. Don't worry - there are no lines to read or scripts to follow. Just bring along your sense of humor and be prepared to be entertained.

Our scheduled Ohio murder mysteries are open to individuals or small groups. See the list of dates and plots below. We can also arrange private murder mystery parties for groups of 14 - 21 guests. Although our murder mysteries are usually one-night packages, we can create a full weekend package for you.   See below for group mystery information.

Mysteries usually begin at 6 p.m. and end about 10 p.m.

Public Mystery Package Pricing (These prices are for our scheduled mysteries - please read the information below for group pricing for private parties)

Please note:   Our scheduled mysteries are adult content and are restricted to guests 18 years of age and older.   We can provide family-suitable themes for private parties.

The cost is for two guests and includes the mystery event, dinner, and a hearty country breakfast.
» Cherry, Oak, Maple, Ash, or Poplar Room - $299 
» Walnut or Willow Room -  $309
» Redbud or Dogwood Room - $319
White Oak Room $329* + second night at current rate
» Luxury cottages with fireplace and Jacuzzi-style whirlpool tub - $369* + second night at current rate
» Third person in a room $125
 (*2-night minimum stay requested for cottages and White Oak Room)

Our 2013/2014  Mystery Schedule

Saturday January 25, 2014      Murder at the Speakeasy
Saturday February 1, 2014      The Lounge Singers' Convention
Saturday February 22, 2014    Knights of the Octagon Table
Saturday March 22, 2014       Bigfoot
Saturday April 12, 2014        1969 Class Reunion    SOLD OUT
Saturday November 22, 2014      Plot to be announced



  • Group mystery parties can be arranged for groups of 14 to 21 guests, subject to availability of the inn and the theater group for the specific date requested. Groups can choose whichever plot they wish from our list below. We will allocate specific rooms based on the number in the group. Cottages are not included.
  • One-night group mystery package includes overnight stay, dinner, and breakfast. Group must book a minimum of 8 guest rooms. Group rate is $299 per room (two guests) Sunday to Friday nights, and $329 for Saturday.  Single night Saturdays are  available only in January, March, April, June and December.   For all other months, Saturdays are only available as part of a two-night stay.  
  • For group bookings, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due three months ahead of the mystery date, or at time of reservation if it is made less than three months in advance. Remaining balance is due 30 days before the mystery.
  • All deposits should be considered non-refundable. If anybody in a group cancels, it is their responsibility to find somebody to take their place. If another person takes the place, we will refund the original guest's deposit less a $50 handling charge.

Please contact the Inn for more information on group mystery packages.

The Plots

Knights of the Octagon Table
It is 930 AD and the kingdom is restless. King Creole just died and all of the Kinghts of the Octagon Table have all been notified, via chainmail, that they must now assemble and choose a new King. Their votes are being tainted by bribes from the Ladies in Waiting, Maidens of the Court, and the Queen, herself. Once the treasured artifacts are in place, Excalibur and the Wholly Grail, the Kinghts are set to cast their ballots... 

The Unemployed Superhero Union Meeting
Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single whom might we be referring? Certainly not this group. Once a fierce, fervent, crime-fighting force, the superheroes of yesterday aren't quite as sharp as they used to be. They have been out of work for the past few years and are looking to make a comeback. But first they need to get organized. Who will lead this compilation of caretakers back to their respected position in the crime-fighting community? Who will be there to ruin their plans? And who will die trying? Run, fly, or travel coach in a Value Jet, but do whatever it takes to get to this monumental meeting of muscle.

The Freda Love and Skip Moore Wedding
It's 1967, and Freda and Skip are about to consummate their impending nuptials. What could possibly go wrong on a beautiful day like this? Well we don't call it a murder mystery for nothing. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something in a body bag. Join the wedding party for an evening of love, laughs, and loaded weapons.

If There's a Will, There's a Way
The old man had lots of family, lots of friends, and lots of money. Now that he's passed on to the other side he will read his will to everyone by way of a video that he recorded before he died. Sex, lies, and videotape meet Perry Mason, and the group fights over who gets what.

Appalachian Family Reunion
All the kinfolk are getting together for down-home family fun - country style. The only problem is that these folks feud more among themselves than the Hatfields ever did with the McCoys. Grab your squirrel rifle and head on down. Is that banjo music I'm hearing?

The Hiney Awards
We're rolling out Red's carpet for the most celebrated evening of the year, the presentation of this year's Hiney Awards. The Motion Picture Association has shunned them, and the Actors Guild is embarrassed by them, but tonight they will receive their just desserts. Actors, directors, writers, and gaffers from the year's most forgettable movies will all be on hand to vie for the most coveted award of them all, The Hiney. Find out what movies are to die for at this year's awards.

It's big, it's hairy, and it has been spotted in your neighborhood. No, it's not your mother-in-law, it's BIGFOOT! Many claim to have had a close encounter with this atrocious beast, and tonight they are gathering at The Midwest Southern Central Tri-County Bigfoot Guild annual meeting to discuss their sightings and converse about this elusive creature. If you have ever spotted Sasquatch or admired the abominable one, you're invited to be a part of this abnormal association. New members are always welcome, but remember, these are some big shoes to fill.

The Mob Squad
"Big Al" has bought the farm. Now everybody is hooking up at the local speakeasy to decide who will take over as Don. You were expecting Al Capone? No, this group of wannabe hoodlums may be convinced they're as genuine as Dillinger himself, but only one of them has the stomach for real murder. One thing's concrete, somebody will be fitted for a new pair of shoes.

The Lounge Singers Convention
These singers are so bad that the hotel that held their last convention had to be closed down by the health department. It was overrun with wild cats looking for mates whenever the group performed. We may be praying for more than just Elvis to leave the building. How many times can you stand to listen to Feelings in one night?

Class of 1969 Reunion
The kids are all grown up now and are heading back to Barry Manilow Memorial High School for their class reunion. Hope you were paying attention in math class, so you can count the survivors. This class has some secrets that make for an evening of whodunnit fun. Think of it as Carrie meets Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Death Imitates Art
Attend the grand opening of the newest and choicest art gallery in town. A pretentious artist, an overbearing agent, and a room full of critics lead to an evening of murder, mayhem, and Monet. Guess who did which, when, and with what. This just may be why Mona Lisa lost her smile. But no matter what, somebody is going to get framed.

The Games People Play
This show gives a whole new meaning to the idea of Survivor. Join the cast of television's next great game show, and see what ordinary people will do for their 15 minutes of fame. If Truth or Consequences and You Bet Your Life had a baby, and it grew up in a Family Feud that might be what this game show is all about. No valuable parting gifts, just continually departing guests on the set of The Games People Play.

What a wonderful escape! The murder mystery is the most fun we've had in years. - Tom and Deb, Galion, OH