Hello World!

The title of this first post for our website blog was already created in the blog program. How appropriate. We’re ready to say hello and welcome the whole world to our inn. If you’re a former guest, thanks for keeping in touch. If you’ve never visited we hope you’ll find this part of the inn website entertains you and gives some ideas of things you could enjoy during a stay with us.

Buster and Butterfly are our two resident pet sheep. They live in what innkeeper Ian refers to as “the lamb Hilton” in our barn across the road from the inn. They love to eat crackers and be scratched on the cheeks or behind the ears. If you visit them you’ll find they’re quite amenable to posing for photographs so be sure to bring your camera. They also share their home with four barn cats, Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Mo.

The barn itself is an interesting structure. We’ve been told it’s one of the county’s oldest pole barns, although we can’t verify its age. The upright supports are whole tree trunks. Two years ago we had an Amish barn builder straighten the supports and replace the metal roof, so it should be good to go for another 100 years!

If you’re ever in the area, stop in and meet our menagerie and check out the barn. The cookie jar is always full!

White Oak Inn

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